Tuesday, 7 July 2009

What a waste.

The Jeep sits here under a fifteen quid Tesco gazebo and all it seems to do is rain. I drove it from Kibworth to Leicester last Friday and got soaked. The gazebo does a valiant job, but the sides of the top buckle with the weight of the water, so there is a permanent puddle in both foot wells. The canvas seats seem to do a marvellous job of deflecting the water and are not, by a miracle, soaked through. Mid July and I should be taking it for a spin in the country. Possibly picking up a few chums and partaking of a pint. Bloody English weather! Forecast is the same all week. Think I’ll go for a pint anyway. Timothy Taylor's beckons.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

The Way Ahead.

Last week I went to the DVD Show at Milbrook Proving Ground. Milbrook was conceived and built by Vauxhall in their heyday and is now used by most UK manufacturers (Do we still have any?). I haven’t a clue what DVD stands for, but will have to find out sharpish because I have to write a 1200 word commentary on it for 4x4 Magazine pronto. Anyway. This is the Jeeps Grandson and mighty impressive it is too. Built in Devon by Supacat it is powered by a 6.7 litre Cummins diesel engine - American. It is capable of 80 mph, off road and is an awesome piece of kit all round! You heard it here first, but when these are being flogged off at some Army Surplus sale, bag one. Hope I’ve not given too many secrets away. Who’s that at the door now?