Thursday, 8 April 2010

Hot new rubber.

Remember my Jeep? Not mentioned the old girl for a while, but it’s still here, ready for combat at the drop of a flag. I’ve finally dug deep and bought a new set of tyres. The ex (very ex) Range Rover 205-16’s wobbled their last wobble a week ago to be replaced by Michelin ZXL’s. Pals dave and Roger Tilton helped out on Bank Holiday Monday and we wrestled with black rubber all afternoon. A test run at about 5.00 confirmed they were a delight and no trace of wheel wobble. When we removed one of the old tyres it transpired I had trapped a section of inner tube between the halves of the rim. So, no wonder they could not be balanced. My fault and not repeated this time. Split rims are a learning curve. Not sure about them yet, but they are fine right now.