Monday, 27 April 2009

Barn find Lamborghini.

A flight over to ‘Comboland’ last weekend promised a glorious walk in the hills of Piedmonte. ‘The views will be spectacular’ promised Ron. The walk, organised by the Club Alpino Italiano was a circular hop around five Medieval Towers at the villages of, Monastero, Scarampi, Olmo, Roccaverno and Vengore. A total of 32 kms for the real walkers and 18 km for us feeble, booze soaked Englishmen, who took a coach up to the first village, Scarampi. Sadly the weather was so foul that even at the foot of each tower we could barely make out it’s top, shrouded in mist and rain. The meal and copious quantities of red wine and the end more than made amends and I had the dubious honour of winning a generous hamper of local produce for travelling the furthest distance to compete. After the thrill of the ‘barn find’ Lamborghini, Ron and I suffered the humiliation of being overtaken by a 72 year old, who ran the full distance, gave advise on the route to the second oldest man on the walk, caped in red, who strode ahead at a brisk pace and finally, drowned in red my name appeared in lights at the end scrawled on an old cardboard box!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Viva Las Vagas.

I saw this last week. How many of these can be left? The whole generation of seventies cars and vans seems to have become extinct. Not a great loss, but odd how earlier motors have hung around far longer. My mate Rich Dunnil had one like these in the late seventies. It was brush pained black, had a length of 4x2 timber as a bumper and front wings made from an old fridge. They looked rather Jeep like.