Monday, 21 April 2008

First Coat.

A lick of paint has restored enthusiasm and momentum to the Jeep project. Matt and his team of experts worked a long Saturday to finish preparing the chassis and all the mechanical components for a coat of ‘sand yellow’. The underside of the body had a coat for good measure and is positioned, but not bolted to the chassis. I find it most inspiring that a BIG bit is now almost finished. looking at the Jeep in stripped down form there is really so little to it that a few good weekends would see it finished. There will, inevitably, be awkward snagging items, but I think we are on track for hitting tarmac in late Spring, early Summer.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Rose tinted life.

A marvellous ebay purchase, just this week. Genuine WW2 French Air Force, flying goggles. Bought for £33 from a lady called June with a hand written note in the jiffy bag stating, “Given to me by a Captain in the French Airforce”. One can only imagine the rest of the story and I’m sure there will be a few suggestions. They are new, unissued stock and the seal with my face is made with rubber, the like of which is one never sees now. Soft and without colour. There is a lovely little adjusting screw at the bridge to adjust the overall width. They will be perfect for blasting across the desert in the Jeep, which I plan, will have no windscreen, though I may wimp out nearer the time.