Monday, 15 June 2009

Just for Ron.

There’s one left!! back in the seventies, Ron and I worked together and the company had a pool of dire seventies cars. One of which was a Hillman Avenger a bit like this. Others in the fleet comprised a pair of Austin 1300’s and an Austin Maxi - the one with the seats that folded down to make a bed. Quite useful when one was in one’s 20’s! Our challenge was to drive them as fast as possible and all would show over 100 mph on the clock (probably 75 in reality) None achieved more than 20 mpg, which always surprised the transport manager. I can confess now that I did have the Maxi airborne for a good two car lengths once, over the hump back bridge near Market Bosworth. Sorry.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

There's just a small bag round the back.....

Not quite the roll I had in mind for the Jeep, but after the Pick Everard ‘PE in the Park’ event held at Leicester Grammar School last Saturday, I seem to have volunteered to take away the rubbish. Fortunately it was well wrapped and nothing oozed out. The Jeep did make an excellent toy for small children to play in. At most stages of the day there were at least four kids in it pretending to conquer the World. Great fun on a hot afternoon.